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Why are we the #1 choice of scooter riders?

  • Do you want to travel as cheap as possible; cheaper petrol, cheaper servicing, cheaper parking, the lot! 
  • Do you want a dependable scooter which won’t break down or get you stuck somewhere; we have a reputation second-to-none for quality, we’re so confident we offer a unique 4 year warranty. 
  • Do you want to get looked after to keep you on the road having fun; we make sure you have parts available at a moments notice and dealers all over Australia, wherever you are, you and your scooter will be looked after.
  • Do you want to get the right scooter for you; our talented dealers will work with you to choose the best one from our range of 16 models. 
  • Do you want back up and support for the life of your scooter; we are a family of scooter lovers who know their scooters, has been leading the industry for 16 years and has  over 30,000 on the road… and counting!

 * Conditions apply, please speak with your nearest dealer.




We have the perfect scoota for everyone!

Latest News

There's new treats coming...

We've got a new scoota!

The new GTS300i Sport will be here in the next month or so and is packed with features.

Included... ABS, fuel injection, stop/start technology, multi-function analogue dash, 4 piston caliper, 29 horsepower, 14" front wheel, 12 litre fuel tank, heater, USB & 12V chargers, monster mirrors, halogen lighting... stay tuned!

Don't miss out...

One of Australia's most loved scootas ever!

The VS150 has just been discontinued from the factory. If you would love one of these iconic (and bullet proof) scootas there are a few floating around our dealer network. Be quick, they are sure to disappear fast... we'll definately be keeping one for our garage!


Orbiting around...

It's back but in its new incarnation as the Orbit II. This 125cc commuta scoota is perfect for getting around town with a zippy engine and sports styling, who could resist.

Available now for only $2,990 on the road; an awesome price to get you from A to B, all you have to do is choose a colour. The Orbit II 125 is available in white, black and gunmetal grey.


Never go past a Classic...

As with the re-vamped Orbit, we have gone back in time to the Classic 125 in order to offer you this gorgeous scoota for $2,990 on the road.

The value-for-money is extraordinary; packed with features and a two year warranty. Again, the biggest decision is which colour? Black, white or a very shiney red?

Love of the MaxSYM400i...

It seems you can't get enough of our "Big Daddy". We hear lovely stories of people who started on our little Jolie and graduated through the range; three or four scootas later here they find themselves on the MaxSYM400i.

As a family business, it is wonderful to know that we are offering something you guys truely love, thanks for the support!

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